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A new banch of xxx illustrations comes every week by Lust. The secret organization Sexyloo wants to dominate the world. But it will not be easy as skilled fighters appear from every corner of the word to give their fight...



2017-12-10 12:03:05 by blowtoons

IMMORAL KOMBAT collection at

Through the underworld darkness a bunch of fighters appear... Their purpose is one. Fuck until death. 
The Immoral Kombat xxx series by Lust that started in September is now concluded! Find this hot collection at our shop! 21 xxx pictures including all special variations!Support our site for more content updates!


New Blowtoons updates

2017-10-02 07:49:46 by blowtoons

Hello People as you might have noticed Blowtoons is constantly uploading new stuff. So we are glad to inform you that our website is now updating 3 times a week!

IMMORAL KOMBAT. Through the underworld darkness a bunch of fighters appear... A new hardcore illustration series by Lust. Updates every Sunday!

BLOWSTRIPS & BLOWTOON.kinky comic strips and illustrations fueled with NSFW humor! Updates once a week!



Hello newgrounders! Our website is updated with more adult content! With your support we continue to create spicy comics, adult cartoons, sexy games and hot illustrations! Keep the adult humor alive people! Enjoy!

Also the unrated version of our latest film "Perv Aliens" is now available at our shop. Check it out!





Perv Aliens exclusive movie

2017-02-12 13:37:27 by blowtoons

Perv Aliens exclusive movie


A brand new sexy animation by the Blowtoons Team, featuring Sandra Shine and Judy Nero! Another Exclusive video at! The unrated version with more nudity is now available at out shop! Check it out!

Happy 2017!

2016-12-30 12:45:12 by blowtoons


The team of Blowtoons wishes you a great new year! Thank you all for your support! Keep it Kinky!:)

The Blowtoons Points system!

2016-10-09 06:42:42 by blowtoons

The Blowtoons Points system!

Hello blowtooners and newgrounders! Have you seen our Blowtoons Point system yet? Its quite simple. Go to the website: Every time you vote, watch or read any of our content, you are awarded with points! Save your points and use them at the blowtoons shop to earn exclusive and downloadable content! Don't forget to sign up or login to save all those points! Have fun!


Blowtoons Points system Shop

2016-04-22 11:35:24 by blowtoons

Blowtoons Points system Shop

Heyblowtooners and newgrounders, check our website! Support us by saving your points and use them at the shop to earn exclusive and downloadable content! Don't forget to sign up or login to save all those points! Have fun!


HOT NEWS EVERYONE! Our adult "SEXY" comics section will continue to be updating with sexy illustrations every week. NSFW content! :)

Dont miss it!



2016-01-04 11:03:54 by blowtoons

Kinkier, Crazier and with a switch to turn from soft content to hardcore. You decide! We also present you the BLOWTOONS Point system!

Login, browse through the site, rate the content and earn points for your hard work! Then go to the shop for our exclusive content and get your gifts! Don't have the time to collect all these points? You can buy more points with your card or your paypal account! The fun has just begun!